How Parents take part in the Nursery/Pre-School

King David Nursery/Pre-school recognises parents as the first and most important educators of their children. All of the staff sees themselves as co-workers with you in providing care and education for your child.

  • There are many ways in which parents take part in making the pre-school a welcoming and stimulating place for children and parents, such as:
  • exchanging knowledge about their children's needs, activities, interests and progress with the staff;
  • helping at sessions of the pre-school;
  • sharing their own special interests with the children;
  • helping to provide, make and look after the equipment and materials used in the children's play activities;
  • taking part in events and informal discussions about the activities and curriculum
  • provided by the pre-school;
  • joining in community activities in which the pre-school takes part; and
  • building friendships with other parents in the pre-school.



Opportunities for Adults

As well as gaining qualifications in early years care and education, the Nursery/pre-school staffs takes part in further training to help them to keep up-to-date with thinking about early years care and education. The pre-school also keeps itself up-to-date with best practice in early years care and education through the support of our advisory teacher and regularly attending seminars, conferences and the nursery world magazine Under Five and publications produced.

Joining the rota is not the only means of taking part in the life of the pre-school. You can offer to take part in a session by sharing your own interests and skills with the children. Parents have visited the pre-school to: bring a baby for the topic of change and growth; bring sunflower plants planted in the Pre-School. 

Do feel free to arrange to drop into the pre-school, if you would like to see how we work or to speak with a member of the staff.

The pre-school has a dated rota, which you can sign if you would like to help at a particular session or sessions of the pre-school. Helping at the session enables you to see what the day-to-day life of the pre-school is like and to join in helping the children to get the best out of their activities.