Staff Training Day/Parent's Evening

In order to plan and continue to train staff we arrange 2 training days each term and endeavour to give you as much notice as possible. Parents are required to pay fees as normal for training days/parent's evening even though the Nursery is closed to the children.

Autumn Term 2023 (13 Weeks)Spring Term 2024 (12 Weeks)Summer Term 2024 (13 Weeks)

Training Days - (Monday 4th September

- Tuesday 5th September)

Term Duration:

 Wednesday 6th September

- Friday 20th Oct

Training Days - (Wednesday 3rd January)

Term Duration:

Thursday 4th January

- Friday 9th February

(Easter Monday: 1st April)

Training Days - (Monday 15th April)

(May Day: 6th May)

Term Duration:

Tuesday 16th April - Friday 24th May

Half Term:

Monday 23rd October

- Friday 27th October

Half Term:

Monday 12th February

- Friday 16th February

Half Term:

Monday 27th May

- Friday 31st May

Bank Holiday - (Thursday 30th May)

Term Duration:

Monday 30th October

- Friday 8th December

Term Duration:

Monday 19th February

- Thursday 28th March

(Good Friday: 29th March)

Term Duration:

Monday 3rd June

- Friday 19th July