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King David Nursery/Pre-School

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Starting at King David Nursery/Pre-school

The first days

We want your child to feel happy and safe at the pre-school. To make sure that this is the case, the staff will work with you to decide on how to help your child to settle into the pre-school. The Nursery/pre-school has a policy about helping children to settle into the pre-school: a settling period of up to a week may be necessary.

Please inform us of any religious or cultural belief’s, which may prevent your child from participating in activities or partake in making snacks.


All children are required to wear the Nursery’s uniform which is available to order through the Manager. For the children’s safety, children should attend in flat shoes and no jewellery or hair clips should be worn with the exception of stud earrings for pierced ears.

We provide protective clothing for the children when they play with messy activities.

King David Nursery/Pre-school hopes that you and your child enjoy being members of the pre-school and that you both find taking part in our activities interesting and stimulating. The staffs are always ready and willing to talk with you about your ideas, views or questions.

fees, free early years entitlement & working tax credits

Within our remit, we take responsibility for helping parents pay for their childcare. We consult with parents to raise awareness face to face and outlining in our prospectus, details of external funding and how to access it. Clear displays, information posters and leaflets in relation to funding and tax credits will be a regular feature in reception. Linking with Bexley authority, Jobcentre Plus, PLA and other external agencies, will help us keep up to date with changes in policy.

The Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) has issued new guidance for local authorities on the free entitlement extension to 15 hours per week for the 25% most disadvantaged children from September 2010 and on the implementation of a Single Funding Formula to address inconsistencies in how the free entitlement is funded across the private, voluntary and independently maintained sectors.

We are currently looking at a number of options that we help make childcare more affordable for parents including

• Nursery education grants (free early years entitlement)

• Childcare vouchers

We ask for an refundable deposit fee and also a deposit to secure a child’s place at the nursery which will be refunded when the child leaves the nursery.

Two weeks written notice will be required if the parent requests to withdraw their child from the nursery.

We offer discounts to parents. This will come into effect when a second child enters the nursery, so a discount of 25% would be applied to the lower of the two fees.

Staff training days/Parents evening

In order to plan and continue to train staff we arrange 2 training days each term and endeavour to give you as much notice as possible. Parents are required to pay fees as normal for training days/Parents evening even though the Nursery are closed to the children.

The Session

The Nursery/pre-school organises the day so that children can take part in a variety of child-chosen and adult-led activities. These take account of children's changing energy levels throughout the day.

The pre-school caters for children's individual needs for rest and quiet activities during the day. Although the Nursery doesn’t have its own outdoor space, we have use of the grass area close to the building and provide appropriate outdoor clothing, including wellington boots for the children. The Nursery is a member of the Erith Leisure Centre and has use of it’s the soft play area, Gym zone and baby pool. These are some of the facilities that may not be readily accessible to some families.

Organised walks to the local park, around the building, or local trips to enhance topics are taken with prior parental permission. We ensure we provide activities that contribute to children's health, their physical development and their knowledge of the world around them. The children have the opportunity - and are encouraged - to take part in outdoor child-chosen and adult-led activities, which are provided in the main room during physical time.

Snacks and meals

King David Nursery/Pre-school makes snack time a social time at which children eat together. We provide a variety of fruits, milk or water on a daily basis with a variety of other foods for topic plans. Do tell us about your child's dietary needs and allergies so we can make sure that these are met.

The Nursery accepts only cold foods for children staying for Lunch. We provide a list of such foods as we do not re-heat any foods brought in for the children.


Copies of the Nursery/pre-school's policies are available on request for inspection.

The Nursery/pre-school's policies help us to make sure that the service provided by the pre-school is of high quality.

Sick Policy

Parents are advised that children who are sick are to be kept from the Nursery to minimise the spread of infections. If your child becomes ill during the session we will contact you without delay and ask you to collect them as soon as possible. It is impossible for us to list all illnesses, but if we feel that a child may be infectious, we will ask children to be taken home in order to protect the other children.

Special needs

As part of the Nursery/pre-school's policy to make sure that its provision meets the needs of each individual child, we take account of any special needs, which a child may have.

The pre-school works to the requirements of the 1993 Education Act and The Special Educational Needs Code of Practice (2000). The Nursery/pre-school has an appointed a Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator, Miss Stacey Hinder.

Equal opportunity policies

Our Nursery is committed to providing equality of opportunity and anti-discriminatory practice for all children and families.